Designer  Entrepreneur  Sales Rep  Artist

To date, I have completed numerous projects of varying size and scope, for a host of different industries, on a full time, freelance and contract basis.  My experience is a mix of design, marketing and sales.

My career with design started at college.  While at RISD, I declared my major as Industrial Design my sophomore year, and have been a student of design ever since.  The projects I have been involved with span the range of graphic design, industrial design, interior design and website design.  I have individually designed and built many websites, and I have collaborated on the construction of many others.  Much of my background has been in the commercial furniture industry, where I have worked for prominent dealerships and rep groups in New England and New York City.  I have done the space planning and technical specification for over 20 million square feet of commercial office interiors, and designed and project managed hundreds of projects.  I have designed brochures, business cards, collateral, furniture, lighting, logos, marketing pieces, presentations, product packaging, signage systems and websites.

I have been working with computers since I was 10 years old, and have significant software/SaaS experience in a broad range of categories (CAD, CRM, Image, Layout, Web).

Regardless of the project I am working on, I strive to create designs that are clean, modern and sensible.  But creativity aside, good design is hard work.  It takes drive to maintain high levels of performance, production and quality.  When I am involved in a project, I offer both my creativity and my best effort.

In the later half of my career, my focus has transitioned from design to sales.  Be it design or sales, I take a service oriented approach to working with clients.
You can read additional information on the details of where I have worked and when on my Linkedin profile click here.